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[edit] General information

The highly competitive Attorney General Honors Program is the only way that the Department hires entry-level attorneys. Selection for employment is based on many elements of a candidate's background including academic achievement, law review or moot court experience, legal aid and clinical experience, and summer or part-time legal employment. The Department also considers specialized academic studies (including undergraduate and post-graduate degrees), work experience, and extracurricular activities that directly relate to the work of the Department.

[edit] Qualifications

[edit] Application Process

[notes about the application process here]

Application tips [add your tips here!]

[edit] Interview Information

[put useful information about the interview process here, i.e. format of interview, what questions are asked, how to prepare. Note: It might be helpful to break it down by Division.]

[edit] Antitrust Division

  • [List questions or advice from your interview!]

[edit] Civil Division

  • [List questions or advice from your interview!]

[edit] Criminal Division

  • [List questions or advice from your interview!]

[edit] Civil Rights Division 

  • Why are you interested in the Civil Rights Division?
  • Which sections are you interested in specifically?
  • I see you worked at [organization]. Tell me about that. How did interviewing and talking to the clients about their experiences shape your view of the case?
  • Question about writing sample.
  • Have you taken any trial advocacy classes?
  • Question about language skills
  • I see you worked at [organization]. What did you do? What was your most challenging client? 
  • You mentioned that you have a personal connection to these issues. Do you think you this gives you a different perspective?
  • I see you worked on [case]. What work did you actually do on the case as an intern?
  • If you could save us a phone call to your references, what would they say are your strengths, and one area for improvement? (Do not answer "I am a perfectionist"!)
  • Of the work experiences you have had so far, which one was the best fit for you? Why?
  • Are you willing to travel? Do you have any problems with traveling often for the job (including to places that are not "vacation destinations")? Have you worked at any jobs that included travel in the past? How much travel? 
  • Do you have any clerkship applications pending?
  • Do you have any questions for us? 

[edit] Drug Enforcement Agency

  • [List questions or advice from your interview!]

[edit] Environment & Natural Resources Division

  • [List questions or advice from your interview!]

[edit] Executive Office for Immigration Review

  • [List questions or advice from your interview!]

[edit] Federal Bureau of Prisons

  • [List questions or advice from your interview!]

[edit] National Security Division

  • [List questions or advice from your interview!]

[edit] Office of the Solicitor General

  • [List questions or advice from your interview!]

[edit] Tax Division

  • [List questions or advice from your interview!]

[edit] U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California

  • [List questions or advice from your interview!]

[edit] U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of California

  • [List questions or advice from your interview!]

[edit] U.S. Trustees Offices

  • [List questions or advice from your interview!]

[edit] Michigan Law Department of Justice Alumni

You can find the contact information for many Michigan Law alumni through a AlumNetwork Directory or Public Service Network search. OPS and OCS also have such information.

Note: Laura Scott, Government Attorney Advisor, Office of Public Service, participated in the Honors Program, Antitrust Division.

  • James A. Baker '88
  • Steve Bressler '01 (Trial Attorney, Office of Consumer Litigation)
  • William D. Brighton '78 (Environmental Enforcement Section)
  • Maureen T. Casey '79 (Antitrust Division)
  • Stuart M. Chemtob '78 (Special Counsel)
  • Christopher N. Cheng '93 (Trial Attorney, Civil Rights Division, Special Litigation Section)
  • Sara W. Clash-Drexler '00 (Civil Division)
  • Ryan J. Danks '02 (Trial Attorney, Antitrust Division)
  • Ellen J. Durkee '82 (Appellate Section, Environmental & Natural Resources Division)
  • Chuck E. Duross '96 (Senior Trial Attorney, Criminal Division, Fraud Section)
  • Jeffrey P. Ehrlich '95 (Civil Division)
  • Edward Davis Eliasberg, Jr. '72 (Antitrust Division)
  • Meredith L. Flax '00 (Trial Attorney, Environment & Natural Resources Division)
  • Adam Gitlin '07 (Antitrust Division)
  • Pamela Grewal '06 (Trial Attorney)
  • Christian J. Grostic '06 (Civil Division, Commercial Litigation Branch)
  • Jason N. Gull '97 (Criminal Division)
  • F. Patrick Hallagan '99 (Antitrust Division)
  • Ruth A. Harvey '85 (Assistant Director, Commercial Litigation Branch, Civil Division)
  • Bethany Hauser '02 (Tax Division, Appellate Section)
  • Roger A. Hipp '95 (Commercial Litigation Branch, Civil Division)
  • Jonathan B. Jacobs '86 (Antitrust Division)
  • Brian G. Kennedy '75 (Civil Division)
  • Jeffrey D. Klingman '02 (Civil Division)
  • J. Chris Larson '99 (Senior Trial Counsel, Civil Division)
  • Jon M. Lipshultz '87 (Senior Attorney, Environment & Natural Resources Division)
  • Mariana M. Long '94
  • Emily McCarthy '97 (Special Litigation Counsel, Civil Rights Division, Education Section)
  • Timothy F. Mellett '89 (Civil Rights Division)
  • WonKee Moon '02 (Civil Division)
  • Sonia M. Orfield '97 (Commercial Litigation Branch, Civil Division)
  • Mark W. Pletcher '01 (Trial Attorney, Antitrust Division, National Criminal Enforcement Section)
  • Steven H. Rosenbaum '78 (Section Chief, Civil Rights Division, Housing and Civil Enforcement Section)
  • Sarah T. Schubert '82 (Senior Trial Attorney, Criminal Division)
  • Anthony T. Sheehan '92 (Tax Division)
  • Adrien L. Silas '84 (Legislative Affairs)
  • Karen L. Stevens '94 (Civil Rights Division, Appellate Section)
  • Robert C. Stoddart '84 (Tax Division, Claims Court Section)
  • Randall M. Stone '90 (Environment & Natural Resources Division)
  • Curtis J. Weidler '98 (Trial Attorney, Civil, Central Region, Tax Division)
  • Sharon Cody Williams '77
  • Brian A. Young '03
  • Mona M. Yousif '99 (Trial Attorney, Civil Division)
  • Jill Dahlmann Rosa '94 (Trial Attorney, Civil Division, Torts Branch)
  • Julie S. Pfluger '03 (Trial Attorney, Civil Division, Office of Immigration Litigation)
  • Scott L. Garland '95 (Computer Crime and Intellectual Property)
  • Scott Risner '05 (Civil Division, Federal Programs Branch)
  • Stephen E. Crowley '00 (Trial Attorney, Environmental Defense)
  • Jan M. Geht '03 (Tax Division)

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